Knowledge Base

A guide to our industry, company and website.


How much time will my print job take?

That all depends on the size of the job and if your file is print ready. We specialize in meeting tight deadlines and manage our print queue on a priority basis. The best thing to do is tell us when you need it, and we can let you know if it's possible. A week would be a long time for most jobs and a day is a rush.

File Preparation

What file types do you accept?

If your work is going straight to print then your file must be a .tiff, .eps or .pdf. Our design department can work with any adobe file type including .indd, .psd, .ai, .pdf, etc. up to Adobe CS 5. If your file is not print ready a design or setup fee may apply.

How large should my file be?

Wallpaper patterns should be a minimum 300dpi at full print size. Murals may be 100dpi at full print size. For questions email


How do I set up an account with Astek Wallcovering so that I can start to place orders?

Please send an email to Make sure to include the name of your company, phone/fax/address/email of contact person, type of company, and re-sell and/or license number (a copy of card would be appreciated as well). Once that is received someone will get back to you with all of the important account information and/or to request more information.

If you wish to fill out the more detailed account form (please do so if you plan to become a NET30 account in the future) it is attached here. If you plan to prepay indefinitely feel free to skip the form and send a basic email with the above information.

Website Help

How do I send a file through your website?

Once you create an account and log in you will see an upload link in the top right corner of the screen.

How do I create an account?

Click the "CLIENT LOGIN" link in the top right corner and from the login page choose the register tab. Next, simply fill in the required fields and in a few seconds you will be ready to go.

Do I need to create a login to upload a picture to the site?

Yes, but it is easy and free..just a few simple clicks and you are ready to upload your images!


How large are your samples and how do they come?

Depending on the pattern, samples are typically about 12" x 18" however sizes can vary.
**Please advise: All samples come folded and will arrive via USPS in an envelope.

Can you produce custom flocked and screen printed products?

Yes we can! The details for custom screen and flocked printing are as follows:
•18 single roll minimum (27 inches wide by 5 yards long per single roll and
•We will cut one screen for each color in your print which will cost $300.00 per screen
•We can color match using Pantone or Benjamin Moore color number
•Flock cannot be dyed so you must choose a flock color from our selection, which can be viewed online at
•Once we have screens cut for each color, we will print a strike-off (sample)
•Upon approval of the strike-off, we will print the full order. If there are more strike-offs needed, you will have to pay for each additional strike-off .
•Custom screen and flock printing is done in New York, so you are charged freight accordingly
•The lead time for a proof is about 10-14 business days plus additional shipping time
•The lead time for an order is about 10-14 business days, depending on size of order plus additional shipping time

All cost for screens and strike-offs are not refundable. Costs for screens and strike-offs are also not put towards a final order. Please inquire within for pricing.

Can I expedite an order and if so, how do I get a freight quote?

-We do our best to keep all patterns in stock and available for expedited shipping however, it is always recommended to confirm stock and lead-time with an associate first to ensure that there are no further delays.
If the item you ordered is a digital print OR a sample of an item, it can take 5-10 business days to produce before shipping out so be careful if you're trying to expedite an order.


Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom?

Nope! You can just show up during our normal business hours. Please bring your resale license and sign in at the front desk. Please note that we are NOT open to the general public. To determine if you are eligible to create an account with us please call 818 901 9876.

Wall Covering

How fast do orders ship out?

We do our best to ship all orders either the same or next business day however if the product is on a manufacturers backorder you will be notified within 24-36 hours. If the item you have ordered is a custom digital print, samples and goods can take 5-10 business days to produce before shipping out.

*If you are placing an expedited order, you should confirm stock and lead-time with an associate first to ensure that there are no further delays.

Where can I find a tracking number on my order?

All sample orders are sent out via USPS therefore they do not have a tracking number.
All other orders are shipped via UPS and tracking is available upon request. You can either call (818-901-9876) or email us at to request the tracking number for your order.

I received a damaged roll but some of my paper is fine, what should I do?

STOP! Do not proceed any further. Please call us immediately at 818-901-9876. Wallcovering is produced in different batches so if you hang part of your order, you may run into a batch issue that could result in mixed batches/runs with slight color variations. If your product is damaged, we will issue a call-tag and pick up the damaged product while swapping it out for another. Please review our Terms and Conditions page for more information on this type of issue.

How do I return my unwanted items?

Please view the attached return policy for eligibility. If you need to make a return please call 818-901-9876 or email

What does untrimmed mean?

"Untrimmed" means that the excess paper on the edges of the product will have to be trimmed off by hand before the product is hung. This is typically a precise process and will require a steady hand to do so. When certain products are manufactured, the print/pattern will not bleed off the paper like most wallpapers. All flocked, screen printed and digitally printed patterns will come untrimmed so please be aware when you place your order. All flocked and screen printed patterns are hand made therefore natural variations in the product will occur which is why trimming is needed.