Featured Designers

Charlie Bidwell
Bold wall sized black and white photography.
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Jessica Swift
Exciting patterns described by playful line-work and bold color.
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Gary Baseman teams up with Astek to create fun
and freaky wallpapers.
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Genevieve Carter’s Peacock Room Collection is
inspired by the wallpaper in the "Peacock Room" of
Stanford White's celebrated summer house, box hill
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The Jim Flora Collection features patterns derived
from and inspired by the mischievous, impish, and
sometimes plain wacky art of James "Jim" Flora.
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Design Styles

Our most popular styles and collections

Astek designers draw inspiration from modern textiles and Art Deco design to create these unique patterns.

Vintage patterns include digitized vintage sources as well as patterns inspired by retro styles.

Our Ikat designs are inspired by the colorful textile tradition famous throughout the world.

Traditional designs derived from classical themes and motifs.

Damask, a traditional design motif that conveys a sense of history and story.

Fiesty cheetah prints and funky zebrah stripes. Not to worry no animals were harmed in the making of these prints.

Elegant and delightful florals.

Narrative, pictorial, hand-drawn and full of personality.

Modern styles that range from geometric to contemporary reinterpretations of classic design.

Flora and fauna live amongst these charmed designs.

Rythmic and cadenced, stripes activate a space with their contrast and logical symmetries.

Painterly textures, paint splatter repeats, and artfuly illuminated designs.

Photographic patterns and murals.

Splashes of intense color and out of this world apparitions.

Pastoral scenes and landscapes strung together in this design style originating from the 18th century.

On Demand Digital Printing

All of our digital designs are printed in house as you need them. Because of this we can alter our designs to fit your needs from the scale, color, design or the material it’s printed on.

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Customize Design

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