• Shibori Workshop


    Last week, the Astek staff rolled up their sleeves and spent the afternoon creating shibori dyed fabrics. Through folding, twisting, and binding cloth the team experimented with the Japanese dyeing technique to create interesting patterns and marks. The resulting textiles will serve as the source for Astek's upcoming collection Natsukashi.

  • Micrographia: Behind-the-Scenes

    Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration for Astek's forthcoming mural collection Micrographia. Inspired by life under a microscope, Micrographia offers a new and beautiful perspective on what you thought was familiar. Through creativity, abstraction, and material exploration our in-house design team used far ranging media such as paint, collage, sculpture, print-making, and photography to bring their ideas to life.

    Micrographia will launch Fall 2017.

  • Clive Daniel Showroom

    This accent wall in the Clive Daniel Showroom really pops! This Quartz Calypso colorway from Astek’s Crystalline collection was inspired by unearthed crystals and natural forms. Printed on a silver mylar using our own top-of-the-line, large format printers, the final mural is a stunning surface that reflects light and brings impact to the space.

  • Highline Hotel

    The recently opened Highline Hotel featured custom wallcovering designed and printed by Astek in collaboration with interior design firm Roman and Williams. Astek designer Lindsey Fout illustrated this pattern for Roman and Williams who were looking for a design inspired by the English Arts and Crafts movement. This pattern was crafted in the same method and style of 19th century designer William Morris, employing grids, tracing paper and laboriously drafting and redrafting the design. The end result is an exquisitely crafted wallcovering that perfectly pairs with the design of the room.

  • Astek Substrate Binder

    Our Substrate Binder is our definitive guide to what materials we carry instock for printing. Check out our full range of substrates from special effect mylars and embosses to our type II commercial grade vinyl. Contact us to get your copy today.

  • LACMA Stanley Kubrick Exhibition

    We had the great honor of printing for the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. One of the most notable wallcoverings for the show was the photo of the twins from The Shining, also check out the unique A.I. murals. Thanks to Patti Podesta, and Astek Designer Sarah LaVoie!