• LACMA Stanley Kubrick Exhibition

    We had the great honor of printing for the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. One of the most notable wallcoverings for the show was the photo of the twins from The Shining, also check out the unique A.I. murals. Thanks to Patti Podesta, and Astek Designer Sarah LaVoie!

  • Duets

    Astek Designer Josh Zieve created these wood veneers for the ABC show Duets. Josh utilized the silver mylar substrate for this, giving the wood an iridescent quality. Special thanks to James P. Connelly and Lydia Smyth.

  • Charlie Bidwell Photography

    charlie bidwell
    charlie bidwell

    Charlie Bidwell's is a Los Angeles based artist. His Monochromatic landscapes from around the world are both iconic and beautiful.
    We are excited to offer the Charlie Bidwell mural collection.
    Available for retail:Charlie Bidwell Mural Collection

  • Maybe they should do a reality show about us

    Maybe they should do a reality show about us, they are always shooting in our showroom anyway. Antonio Treatment and Design Star shooting at Astek in the same week! Sure, we try to act camera shy but inside we love the spotlight! Look out for some really cool chandelier decals that were being ordered in the picture above on an upcoming episode of Design Star! Don't worry you can get yours here http://www.designyourwall.com/t/wall-decals